Why good service costs more.

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WebGuyz watches in amazement as large well know companies like Hostgator and Godaddy try all kinds of marketing tricks to get you to look at their service hawking $3.99 and lower monthly fees (for the first year :-). Once you get ‘hooked’ you find that everything else is ‘extra’.

Your internet presence, and email in particular, are so critical to your companies success. Yet some people won’t spend the price of a decent lunch for a months worth of service. To be able to deliver 7×24 service takes a lot of resources and if your not charging enough to cover those costs then you have to start cutting corners. We have many new customers who have been web hosting orphans of these large companies for that particular reason, the service had deteriorated to the point it was affecting their business.

Being a smaller company we can provide the level of support customers demand, but we have to charge more for the hardware, electricity, personal, etc. WebGuyz is a good value and charges enough to keep providing the level of service business customers demand without breaking the bank.